Brenda Geer

Brenda Geer, Vice Chairwoman, Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation — Ms. Geer has served as Vice-Chairwoman of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation for the past 9 years, previously serving on the Tribal Council for 22 years in various positions, including a Councilor and Corresponding Secretary. Ms. Geer is the CSBG Tribal Administrator for the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, Chairperson for the Native American Heritage Advisory Council (NAHAC), and Liaison to the Historical Preservation, Education, Election, Housing & Enrollment Committees. She was appointed by Tribal Council as the Historical Preservation Officer in 2009 and President of the Tribal Wuttooantam Foundation in 2006. She is the 2018 recipient of the EPTN Eagle Feather award.​ Ms. Geer has a license of Hairdressing & Cosmetology from Norwich Technical School and currently works as the Case Manager for the Rhode Island Indian Council, a non-profit WIOA program where “Natives are working for Natives”.